The VeGIN Network

One of our objectives in VeGIN is develop a network of stakeholders that share a common interest in the genetic improvement of vegetable germplasm to support UK vegetable production.

Stakeholders within the VeGIN network include breeders, growers, processors and retailers providing representation throughout the supply chain.

VeGIN works with stakeholders in several ways:

  • Communication addressing current research through stakeholder days and output summaries on up to date web pages
  • Gathering information on stakeholder priorities that are relevant to their vegetable sector
  • Generating new germplasm and pre breeding resources suitable for trait analyses
  • Facilitating research collaboration between industry based stakeholders and researchers
By working together we can develop the most suitable germplasm to address:

  • The need for a sustainable increase in food production
  • Increased product quality
  • The effects of climate change

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