VeGIN - Handout
Warwick Crop Centre - Handout
Final report: Crop improvement in field vegetables
Stakeholders Meeting 20th & 21st February 2012
VeGIN meeting programme
Monday 20th Febraury 2012
13.30 Rosemary Collier (University of Warwick) – Welcome and introduction to Warwick Crop Centre
13.50 Charlotte Allender (University of Warwick) – Describing and using carrot genetic diversity for breeding and research
14:20 Alan Wilson (Waitrose) – Produce agronomy at Waitrose
15:20 Andrew Taylor (University of Warwick) - Pre-breeding research in onion: screening an onion diversity set for beneficial traits
15:50 Dez Barbara (University of Warwick) – Cavity spot of carrots
16:10 Simon Bright – Introduction to BBSRC Horticulture and Potatoes Initiative
16:25 Brian Thomas (University of Warwick) - Summary and future prospects for onion and carrot research
16:45 Dave Pink (Harper Adams University College) - Open discussion on where next for VeGIN project
Tuesday 21st February 2012
10:00 Graham Teakle (University of Warwick) – Welcome & Talk: Leafy vegetable genetic resources, genomics and traits
10:30 Bill Finch-Savage (University of Warwick) - Improving seed vigour in vegetables
10:55 Paul Hunter (Harper Adams University College) - Plant genotype influences bacterial colonisation of lettuce leaves
11:40 Rosemary Collier (University of Warwick) – Resisting the currant-lettuce aphid
12:00 Richard Mithen (Institute of Food Research) - Health benefits and commercialisation of Beneforte broccoli
12:30 Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston (University of Warwick) – Summary and future prospects for leafy veg research...(it needs to continue)!
12:45 Dave Pink (Harper Adams University College) – Open Discussion on where next for VeGIN project
Stakeholders Meeting 5th April 2011
VeGIN meeting flyer
10.35 Graham Teakle (University of Warwick) Introduction to plant genetics and resources
11.00 Andrew Taylor (University of Warwick) Pre‐breeding research to support sustainable farming of onion
11.25 Charlotte Allender (University of Warwick) Carrot Genetic Improvement
11.50 Leon Terry (Cranfield University) Fundamental role of ethylene in onion storage
14.00 Paul Hand (Harper Adams) Lettuce Genetic Improvement
14.25 Peter G Walley (University of Warwick): Exploring post harvest senescence in broccoli
14.50 Sue Kennedy (Elsoms Seeds) Perspective from the breeding industry
15.15 Guy Barker (University of Warwick) New technologies in plant genetics
Gemma Hough (University of Warwick) Biology and control of the currant-lettuce aphid (Nasonovia ribisnigri)
Andrea Massiah (University of Warwick) Manipulation of bolting time in lettuce
Jackie Barker (Rothamsted Research) The OREGIN diversity demonstration field trials
Kirsten Brandt (Newcastle University) Agronomic and nutritional characteristics of a local and hybrid carrot cultivar grown in Pakistan an in the UK
Presentations from previous meetings
John Walsh (University of Warwick) Virus resistance in Brassicas
Andrew J Thompson (University of Warwick) Improving water use efficiency and water capture Solanum and Brassica, transgenic and QTL approaches
John Hammond (University of Warwick) Improving fertiliser acquisition and mineral content in vegetable Brassicas
Rosemary Collier (University of Warwick) Host plant resistance to pest insects
Lettuce Crop Improvement Research by Dr Paul Hand
Other information
Walley et al. (2012) Broccoli head morphology and leaf shape QTL paper

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