UK onion growers face a number of significant challenges particularly from root infecting diseases.

Within the 'onion' component of the VeGIN project "Pre-breeding research to support sustainable farming of carrot and onion", we are proposing a programme that will support the development of sustainable production of onion through underpinning R&D with the theme of "healthier roots through genetics".

The project aims to address breeding for traits which support links with industry, providing a route for market delivery of R&D outcomes and to develop strong links with onion researchers in the US (Mike Havey, University of Wisconsin), New Zealand (John McCallum, Crop and Food Research) and the Netherlands (Chris Kik, CGN).

The Onion components of VeGIN is being led by Professor Brian Thomas and other members of the VeGIN Onion team Andrew Taylor, John Clarkson, Nicole Pereira and Gary Bending.

The project aims to deliver:
(i) Sources of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cepae
(ii) Sources of alleles for improved compatibility with mycorrhizal fungi
(iii) Genetic markers linked to seed/ seedling vigour
(iv) A defined onion diversity set of half sib families from 96 PGR accessions

Andrew Taylor and his team have extracted DNA from 1 half sib family for each accession within the diversity set. This DNA is available as a resource and we are happy to supply samples. Please contact Andrew Taylor for further details.

If the information you are looking for is absent then please contact Peter G Walley

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