Carrot Diversity Set

Genetic Resources
The UK Vegetable Genebank holds globally significant collection of carrot germplasm as shown below. However, it is not possible to carry out replicated phenotypic trials of over 1500 accessions – a representative subset needs to be selected.

Summary of WGRU Carrot collection

To enable efficient trait screening work, we have developed the Carrot Diversity Set to represent cultivated carrot genepool diversity. The Carrot Diversity Set also includes parental lines from genetic mapping populations donated by other researchers and space to include elite varieties for comparative purposes. Work on carrot is led by Charlotte Allender. Please contact her for further information.

Composition of the VeGIN Carrot Diversity Set

The list of material included in the Carrot Diversity Set can be downloaded here.

The Carrot Diversity Set contains 77 accessions from the UKVGB, together with parents of mapping populations donated by other researchers. It contains accessions representing open-pollinated commercial varieties, landraces and samples of wild relatives of cultivated carrot.

The Carrot Diversity Set is constructed of up to 10 half-sib families from each accession. These were produced by intercrossing 10 plants and harvesting seed from each plant individually. Selfed lines were also produced from each accession.

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